How to look like a cool documentary filmmaker

I found a picture of myself in front of a line of riot police taken by my brother at the Sunway anti-toll hike protest in January 2007. I was filming for my ‘I May Be Malaysian, But I Carry A Big Stick’ documentary film (yeah… it’s been 2 years since I started working on the film).

This is a picture of one of my favourite documentary filmmakers, Sean Langan, who happens to be filming in front of a line of riot police too (in Argentina, I think). Somehow… he can pull off that ‘cool’ look way better than I can!

Here’s my video of the Sunway demonstration (I first posted it online on 8 January 2007). After the general elections last month, the guy who increased the toll rate is gone and some of the participants of the demonstration are now members of parliament! Wooo! This is the first time I’m working so long on a film and it’s pretty cool because you get to see things evolve and change.

8 responses to “How to look like a cool documentary filmmaker

  1. allo zan..
    nice to know you…
    i’ll do my own documentary as my project in assignment.. wish me luck! even though i’ve no idea what i’m gonna do in that documentary.. still thinking..


  2. Hey Zan,

    cool photo. Yours, I mean. Just wanted to say I’m amazed anyone outside the UK, let alone in the UK, has even watched my docs. They’re usually buried in the late night schedules. So thanks for making the effort to search out and watch them. Much appreciated. And also wanted to wish you good luck in your film-making. Stick with it, make them, and stick it to the suits who run TV.

    all the best,



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