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  1. Hello! Zan,

    I am Eddie, a freelance photographer from Batu Pahat, Johor.

    I just saw your ‘johor flood’ series from your blog, thinking maybe we can work together in future. I am currently working for DAP also, taking a lot of photo for them and some chinese media company like ‘’.

    Maybe we can talk about it, see what we can do for that.


  2. Hi i am 1 of the 800++ student from SMK Seri Bintang Utara base on ur lecture i feel very interesting i whish to learn more in Docmentary


  3. hey zan azlee!

    im kelvin ng from smk sultan abdul samad..u came to my skool to give us a lecture or more like a talk about how to overcome public speaking anxiety? im currently doing form 6 now and im facing difficulties of what path i am going to take after my stpm. I really did think about going for mass com but my parents weren’t very supportive bcos of financial problems. i was keen to take up this course which is public relation but the main course i was looking foward was interactive multimedia which your college have and i didnt manage to get the idea of what public relation is. So i would really like you to help me as in advising me the advantages and disadvantages of taking this few courses. Any other suitable suggestions? like you, i find it hard to handle with numbers. =P so thank you for your time and take care.


  4. omg sir!!!! I don’t know whether you remember me but I was in your class for Public Speaking, I think in 2005, your 1st time lecturing in HELP, I think!!!
    Remember Eryl? JJ? Ondo (the indonesian dude?) and me? And I was talking about Golf for my persuasive speech. haha.
    Can’t believe I bump into your blog. Nice!
    Anyways, hope to hear from you and take care sir (haha, I remembered 1st ever class you told us not to call you Sir as it makes you sound so old, you said “just call me Zan”)




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  6. Zam,
    Interested to know more about ‘muslim too’ and discuss a project in the pipeline which may be able to feature it. drop me a line on Facebook.

    Pravin Pillai.


  7. Hi Zan
    I’m v impressed by you; at least you try out your talents in all areas – good for you & pls continue to excel! i’m writing to you for your advice and if possible, opportunity, to work with you for someone i know who is v interested in movie production, but just dunno where to start ..
    hope to hear from u, Sun 🙂


  8. zan!
    after watching your documentary ‘i am muslim too’
    i became more interested in journalism.
    if can you teach teach me la k? hahhaha.
    i’m stil 15 btw 😀


  9. Hi, it’s good to know another fellow Malaysian going to places & experience life.
    I love traveling so much ! History excites me & I love ruins. This year I went to Uzbekistan & yes I have also been to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Egypt…backpacking ! Amazing experiences !
    All the best in your endeavors !


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