The Look-East Project (2006/2007) – STATUS:COMPLETED
Director/Writer: Zan Azlee
Executive Producer: Ang Swee Poh
Producer: Nik Khairun Nisa, Zan Azlee
Featuring: Zan Azlee, Laila Muda, Che Kausar Shaila Che Mahadi, Normawati Soh, Siti Razihan Wan Hassan, Hailmatun Sa’adiah Mansor, Mariana Haryani Zakaria, Tengku Embat Tengku Ngah, Nik Khairun Nisa
Music: Arif Rafhan Othman
Duration: 73 minutes
Shooting Format: HDV
Genre: Documentary
‘The Look-East Project’ is a feature-length documentary film that charts the filmmaker’s journey as he travels to the Malaysian east-coast state of Terengganu to understand it’s women better. Why does he do it? His girlfriend is from Terengganu. The interesting characters he meets on his journey shapes a whole new perception about these women.
– NTV7 (Festival) – 18th November 2007

Download the poster (hi-res).

2 responses to “THE LOOK-EAST PROJECT

  1. i think it shud be “with” instead of “cast”. the latter is conventionally used for actors in a fictional film.

    your synopsis kinda reminds me of Ross McElwee’s Sherman’s March. but I’m sure yours is gonna be a hell lot more interesting.

    happy new year!


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