‘Malaysia My Second Home’ on ntv7

I’m currently working on a ‘cari makan’ project (can’t blame a guy who has to support a high maintenance girlfriend who demands for designer handbags every month and also to feed his 39928 illegitimate kids, right?). It’s a 13-episode documentary series for ntv7 called ‘Malaysia My Second Home’. It’s about foreigners who make Malaysia their second home (didn’t expect that huh?? hahaha!). It will be on Sundays at 4pm. The series will start 6th April 2008.

Some of the people who will be featured include British photographer Tom Hayton, Iranian filmmaker Naeim Ghalili and former Indonesian badminton player Rexy Mainaky.

This is Nadzri the visual editor. He stays in till 3am every week just to finish the episodes in time.

This is Reem the assistant producer. She does nothing but boss me around (and I’m suppose to be the PRODUCER goddammit!) and demand for lollypops.

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