Adventures of a KL-ite in Afghanistan


Author: Zan Azlee
Illustrator: Arif Rafhan Othman
Genre: Non-fiction graphic novel
Publisher: MPH Publications (2014)
Price: RM19.90
Synopsis: ‘Adventures of a KL-ite in Afghanistan’ is one of the many retellings of Zan Azlee’s travels in Afghanistan. He is a multimedia journalist who has been to many conflict zones including Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Turkey and Southern Thailand. Nevertheless, he still cowers like a coward when he hears gunfire!

Zan was keen to find out more about the war-torn country, and what it might be like to be there. Armed with only his camera gear and an open mind, he travels to Afghanistan with no idea what he is getting himself to. He ends up meeting many interesting figures, visits several ‘tourist spots’, and even gets embedded with the Malaysian army in Afghanistan.

The book is actually a part of a gigantic multimedia effort which includes a serialised feature on The Malaysian Insider, a 2-week live reportage for Astro AWANI, a photo essay for Esquire magazine, and a feature documentary film. For all matters relating to the book (and the film), visit

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