Live on ABC News 24: 9 Australians avoid conviction in Malaysia


I did a live Skype session on Australia’s ABC News 24’s programme The World to talk about the #Budgie9, the nine Australian men who were arrested in at the F1 party in Sepang last weekend for wearing swimming trunks that have the Malaysian flag design on it while acting ‘indecent’. I discussed the issue with news anchor Beverly O’Connor. (Click on the image above to watch the video)

Australians who stripped to swimwear in Malaysia avoid conviction

After spending four nights in jail for stripping down to their bathers at the Malaysian Grand Prix, nine Australians have avoided a conviction after an apology letter was read to the judge.

Zan Azlee, a journalist and filmmaker from Malaysia, discusses the case with The World.

Source: The World | Duration: 4min 6sec

Go watch the video online now!

I also wrote an opinion piece on about the issue which you can read.

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