The BBC is thinking of moving their news channel online… TV news is DEAD!!


I told you TV news is dead! Even the BBC are thinking of moving their news channel online. And that channel is the most watched news channel in the UK gets around 8.6 million views. But overall, the number is dropping… fast!

Of course the BBC says that their intentions is to redefine online news….

“What do these figures say to us? They tell us that just as the BBC redefined the news for Britain – first on radio, then on television and more recently online – we must now consider very carefully the prospect that we may need to do so again,” said James Harding, BBC director of news, in a report by The Guardian.


But hey, reality says that their cost is running a tad bit high these days and they need to find ways to either make more revenue or cut spending. In the last BBC annual report, it was stated that the channel’s production costs were £26.8m, while its newsgathering costs were £21.2m.

TV news is dead, I tell you! DEAD!!


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