Getting inspiration from a revolution far far away in the Mediterranean


A revolution doesn’t happen overnight
By Zan Azlee

If people think that a revolution happens overnight, then they’re wrong. It festers, comes to a tipping point, plateaus and then hopefully something positive happens. The best example would be Turkey, where just over two weeks ago, huge and deadly protests happened all over the country.

It all started in Gezi Park and Taksim Square in Istanbul. And so, being the cat that has yet to be killed by curiosity, I just had to pay the place a visit. And so here I am today typing out this article in a hotel room overlooking, where else if not, Taksim Square and Gezi Park.

The occupation of the square and park has now ended, thanks to the brutal police force used in dispersing the thousands who were there. But this does not mean that the struggle and resistance in Istanbul has ceased. Instead, it is stronger than ever with everything going to the grassroots. [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]

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