Ira Glass now fully owns This American Life


The radio show This American Life is now owned wholly by Ira Glass! Whoahh!! He has acquired all stakes for the show (and the most popular podcast in the world, Serial) from WBEZ.

As reported on the This American Life blog, Glass wants to have total creative control of the shows and also the freedom to start new projects without getting the go ahead by WBEZ.

WBEZ’s head, Goli Sheikholeslami, is in full support of this move and the radio station will continue to benefit from the profits of the show. He also says that after 20 years, this is a good and positive move.

As far as the listeners are concerned, nothing will change since the This American Life will still be announced on air as ‘brought to you by WBEZ’.

You can read the full blog post ‘Changes at This American Life‘ at ThisAmericanLife.Org.

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