Has Facebook’s Instant Articles died prematurely?


I’ve written about Facebook’s Instant Articles several times because I was quite excited about it. However, that excitement was also laced with a little bit of skepticism from the content producer point of view.

Read: Facebook’s Instant Articles seems cool… for the content consumer.

But after almost a month, it looks like it’s fizzling out. Oh no! What happened? Well, according to a report at Business Insider, all the nine giant publishers who signed on to Instant Articles (including Buzzfeed, The New York Times and National Geographic), have not published anything aside from their first pieces.


Actually, nobody knows why the roll out looks like it has ceased. But Facebook has always said that it is currently still experimenting to find out the best way to roll it out fully. Honestly, I hope it does launch properly. It was kind of cool.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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