News is the news in Apple’s new iOS9!


I bought the first generation iPad in Australia even before it came out in Malaysia because I was so captivated by how WIRED magazine was promoting their digital version for it. I just couldn’t wait!

And I wasn’t disappointed. It was beautifully designed and the multimedia content it presented just blew my mind! The best thing was that a slew of other publishers followed suit.

I even welcomed the publishers who just pasted their hard copy publications onto Newstand without bothering to adapt their content to the multimedia capabilities (ie: Newsweek, TIME, etc).

I know there have been a lot of complaints about Newstand being boring and how it was so easy for content to be buried and go unnoticed. I still thought it was fine.

But today, Apple announced at their World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC 2015) that they will be killing Newstand. In it’s place will be a new app called News. It will be a Flipboard-like app that allows users to select the news source they prefer to have in their feed (copycat!).

apple news

I’m not too sure on how the news will be presented. It could either be hosted on the news publisher’s platform or on Apple’s own platform (like Facebook’s Instant Articles). But there is a form of ad monetization involved for the publishers.

iOS9 will also be intelligent enough to prompt results of your news searches from all of your installed news apps. Now that sounds kind of cool. In fact, it is reported that it will also suggest your preferred news stories even before you search! Fuuhhh!!

I’m particularly looking forward to the new iOS’ capability of making things easier for content producers. It now makes your iPad or iPhone multitasking, and cutting and pasting is more flexible.

We’ll see how it works once I’ve updated my devices!

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