Stop spamming my phone, Raja Nong Chik!

Stop spamming my phone, Raja Nong Chik!
By Zan Azlee

SEPT 14 — If there is one thing that I hate to death, it is spam. Getting spam email is one of the most annoying things ever. Even more annoying are spam SMSes… you know, the ones that tell you about cheap beer at various nightclubs or discounts at popular restaurants. But recently, the most annoying spam SMSes I have received are from a certain politician and Cabinet minister who goes by the name of Raja Nong Chik.

It started when I decided to register to vote slightly less than a year ago. Registration went fine with no glitches (i.e. suddenly finding out I’m registered to vote in Sabah!) My constituency, according to my IC address, is Lembah Pantai. As we know, the current MP in that area is PKR’s Nurul Izzah Anwar. Since I didn’t vote in the last general election, I can’t claim to have played a role in getting her into office.

And now that the 13th general election is coming up, rumour has it that Umno will be fielding Raja Nong Chik in Lembah Pantai. Now right after I had registered to vote (at the Election Commission office in Shah Alam), I started receiving the SMSes. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

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