Let’s band together against the extremists in 2015



Let’s band together against the extremists in 2015
By Zan Azlee

Another new year has arrived and we are now in 2015. I have never declared or committed myself to any new year resolution because I think it’s all crap. You change when you want to change.

But this time, I’m going to commit to a resolution. It is simple. I will continue to use every platform that I have to promote moderation, open-mindedness, multiculturalism and religious pluralism.

I have done it for years and will continue doing it with even stronger force this year because 2014, to me, was the year of overbearing racial and religious extremism.

Groups like Isma and Perkasa, and individuals like Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, have been so loud throughout last year that my ears are still aching and ringing into the new year. They definitely do not speak for me.
And I’m very sure that this feeling is shared by so many of my fellow sane, rational and logical Malaysians out there. We should all band together and do something about these annoying extremists.

Since we all believe that these people who go on and on about preserving a specific racial and religious supremacy are the loud minority, then why are we allowing them to be so loud?

If they are such a small group (Perkasa is reported to only have 900 odd official members), why are we allowing them to shout so loud without any repurcussions?

If we are the silent majority, then we need not be too worried about showing our strength in numbers and not be silent anymore. What can they do to a whole huge bunch of us, right? [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]


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