Negaraku – to stand or not to stand



Negaraku – to stand or not to stand
By Zan Azlee

So the debate rages on about whether someone who stands up or doesn’t when Negaraku, the national anthem, is played is a patriot or nationalists.

Here’s what I think – it doesn’t matter.

Just because someone decides not to stand when the national anthem is playing doesn’t mean he or she is any less patriotic to the country than someone who stands.

It really depends on the true intentions of the person who is standing up (or not). Is he standing up out of respect for people around him or because he really loves the country?

It’s just like the example of religion. Just because someone prays five times a day doesn’t mean he or she is an exceptionally good Muslim.

And it doesn’t mean someone who doesn’t pray five times a day is any less of a Muslim than someone who does pray that many times a day.

What do you say of a person who decides to stand up in the cinema when the national anthem plays but always tries to cheat and skirt around from paying income tax?

How about someone who might stand up during the national anthem but who also tries to bribe a policeman when he is stopped for speeding? [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]


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