Creating the ideal Dewan Malaysia



Creating the ideal Dewan Malaysia
By Zan Azlee

I’ve always been interested in ways that different cultures are able to come together and live as one. It can be in any forms; be it how different muti-cultural groups can live in perfect harmony side by side without losing their identities, or even how different ethnicities can assimilate with one another and build a whole new culture.

This became the inspiration for the recent Malaysia Day documentary I produced for Astro AWANI the television station called ‘Dewan Malaysia’ (which was on air on Malaysia Day itself and can be seen as it will be repeated throughout the week).

We are all familiar with the community hall building or ‘dewan komuniti’ that we so often see in neighbourhoods, kampungs and small towns. Usually, it is just a big hall which the locals use when they want to play court sports such as badminton or sepak takraw, or when they want to hold a wedding. But I wondered if it could be more than that.

So I called on several creative individuals to see how they would create their most ideal ‘dewan komuniti’. The brief was simple. If they had no limitations, how would they design a ‘dewan komuniti’ that could best bring the people of Malaysia together.

They didn’t have to actually create a physical building. It’s just conceptual. They could either draw or build a model. And so the group, some architects, a t-shirt designer and an illustrator, set off on their assignment. [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]

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