If a pig drank from a river…

My sexy self serenading the pork!


If a pig drank from a river…
By Zan Azlee

Once upon a midnight dreary, a cute pinky-pie pig was taking a walk along a beautiful river that flowed through a beautiful tropical rain forest.

It was a nice night. Crickets were creaking, frogs were croaking, stars were shining, leaves were ruffling and the moonlight was casting beautiful pale blue shadows everywhere.

The cute pinky pie pig had recently eaten dinner. It was an over-ripe papaya that had fallen to the ground. It was just sweet and juicy enough for his liking.

With his plump and round belly now full, he had decided to take a stroll just to enjoy the night and also burn off a little bit of the calories he had consumed.

Every now and then, he would push his snout towards the ground as he took whiffs of the pleasant scents of the forest’s wildflowers that were growing all along the river bank.

The cute pinky pie pig had been walking without a care in the world for about 45 minutes when he started feeling a little bit tired. He plonked his round behind down by a tree stump and took a short rest. Soon, the gurgling of the river was too tempting and he lowered his mouth for a satisfying drink.

About 20 kilometres away, the river eventually turned in to a huge delta. That delta was the opening to a beautiful beach with fine white sand that felt like powder to the feet.

Now, that beach is actually a large ocean of which body of water washed to the shore of several continents, some very populated and some just so remote.

On the remotest of continents, there was a small village that had a group of isolated people who were officially practicing Muslims but had no contact with the rest of the Muslim world. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

And since we’re on the topic… you’ll just have to check out the The Fat Bidin Podcast episode where we discuss the infamous pork chocs!

5 responses to “If a pig drank from a river…

  1. Ha ha your article puts a wonderful perspective on the porcine paranoia in malaysia., I wonder how the rest of the paranoia-minded would react, knowing that 60percent of blood donors in malaysia are Chinese? I saw this little factoid at the blood bank statistics that are public knowledge?


  2. They are falling over themselves at TMI, Sdr Zan
    to invite you to join DAP

    As remarked by YM Tunku Abdul Aziz Tungku Ibrahinm today, on May 30th 2014:
    Sekiranya orang Cina yang mempersoalkan kepentingan orang Melayu (Islam?) maka semua orang Melayu akan bangkit kemarahan. Sekiranya ‘mempergunakan’ orang Melayu untuk mempersoalkan hak orang Melayu, apakah yang akan berlaku?
    ..‘Orang’ lain akan menari dalam kegembiraan.

    Re. TMI: Have to post this message here because both of my comments, like many times before have not been posted/ censored(?) by TMI editors huhu,

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH


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