THE LOOK-EAST PROJECT will finally air on ntv7!


Sunday, 18th November 2007, 10:45pm.
On ntv7… your feel good channel!

Please spread the word people!

29 responses to “THE LOOK-EAST PROJECT will finally air on ntv7!

  1. Hi Zan,

    Got the note on facebook but decided to leave a comment here. Noted the airing date on NTV7. Looking forward to view your feature and interested to know what are your views on T’ganu ladies! Hmm..I’d say ‘environment maketh a man or a woman’..hmm


  2. hi there, I watched your show yesterday, it is very very interesting. The film is very penetrative, from gender stereotype issues to the social living in the East-coast of Malaysia. From my point of view, Malaysia as a multi-racial and so called “Islamic” country often bound to these issues, it is inevitable. Malaysians should realize it and stand up for it, spread the message, gain a certain liberty, or democracy, form a community without any prejudice and stereotypes.
    Despite the issues being serious, you manage to discuss it mannerly and humourously. This is your first film that I get to catch and it is very extemporaneous, naturalistic. Looking forward to your next one 😉



  3. hi zan,
    hepi sgt tgk,sbb cite awk ttg ngeri ktorg..camne la awk leh terpk nk bt cite ttg org ganu ni.klau blh sy nk copy cite ni,blh?


  4. Assalamualaikum Zan,
    Saw your documentary from start to the end. Not bad.
    You have a flair for movie making. The Indy type,eh?
    Anyway, congratulations on yr success in selling the film to NTV7.
    Btw, my missus taught u at MCC in either 96 or 97.
    She’s proud of u for yr progress that u hv made.
    All the best to u Zan!


  5. Saw your show Pandang Ke Timur on TV. Initially just channel surfing and ended up wathcing your show from start till end. Good stuff man!. Hope to see our local TV give more support to talented movie makers like you.


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