Mary says no ‘Islam-bashing’ in churches


Mary says no ‘Islam-bashing’ in churches
By Zan Azlee

A few days ago, I received a Facebook message from an old university friend of mine, Mary Michael, who is from Sarawak. We were studying in UiTM, Shah Alam, together. She had a big concerned and she needed my help to address this concern. It was regarding the most-annoying Ridhuan Tee Abdullah and an article he had recently wrote.

The article, which was carried in Sinar Harian, defended the criticism that was thrown towards a seminar about combating Christianisation in Malaysia organised at UiTM. Many accused the seminar, organised by the Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies, UiTM, Warisan Ibnu Aaby and the Selangor Islamic Council of being “Christian-bashing”.

Tee went on to say that it wasn’t “Christian-bashing” and that it was a legitimate concern of Muslims that Christians in the country were out to convert Muslims. He reminded readers that it was a crime to spread religious teachings to Muslims in Malaysia other than that of Islam. Tee also added that whatever that was said in the seminar was not as bad as anything that was said in churches, implying that “Islam-bashing” was going on among Christians.

The only reason why no fuss is made about “Islam-bashing” in churches because no one knows about it and Tee suggests that Muslims “infiltrate” churches to find out for themselves. Now back to the concern of my old Sarawakian friend from UiTM, Mary Michael. Here is what her message to me read:

“pls b**ch slap this guy again will u zan azlee… in my yrs going to church never ever the priest or the church bashing other religions.” [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

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