Is racism too entrenched in Malaysia?


Is racism too entrenched in Malaysia?
By Zan Azlee

The fact that racism is so entrenched in Malaysian society is something I find very troubling. It is in our system and in our mentality. Sometimes, I find that it is almost hopeless. Many blame it on how the ruling party’s (Barisan Nasional) components are based on race; Umno represents the Malays, MCA represents the Chinese, MIC represents the Indians, etc.

Of course we cannot allude from that fact because if you have political parties based on race and ethnicity, how else will society make their choices? That’s why people start grouping up within their own race. They will feel that their ethnic group needs to be represented in order for their interests and welfare to be safeguarded.

If this mentality is already so entrenched in Malaysia’s DNA, how then can we ever reach a point where we elect leaders because they will protect the interests of Malaysians as a whole? The opposition like to think themselves as a multiracial party. But let’s be real. Take a good look at the component parties that make up Pakatan Rakyat.

Sure, the names of the parties don’t refer to any particular race. But each party in the pact has an identity that the different racial and ethnic groups relate to. [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]

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