New Media needs to transition to in-depth stories rather than breaking news


It seems that recent research shows that people these days, especially those between the ages of 18 to 34 are getting news fatigue, a condition where they are so overloaded by fast facts and data that they are turning off of it.

This somehow is in direct conflict with how we (or I!) have always thought about New Media being the preferred form of how people wanted to get quick news. Well, it used to be that way.  But not anymore.

Now, people are yearning for more in-depth coverage of news rather than just breaking, breaking and breaking news. And it seems that New Media is still the preferred choice.

The Vice Media Group (one of my preferred go to media!) has just launched Vice News, where although it is current news they are covering, it doesn’t seem like they’re too obsessed of breaking stories before anyone else. What they specialised in doing is getting a different perspective of the story… and it’s been a hit with young people so far.

Check out one of their stories below (The Battle for Aleppo):

Another method for in-depth stories is going multimedia. Ahhh!! Here’s something I’m really familiar with! By telling a story from many perspectives and through many methods (text, still photos, video and audio), it becomes more compelling and multi-dimensional since people get more context and background to a story. It really is just more engaging.

Humans of New York is one such project that I think embodies multimedia storytelling very well.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 1.28.33 AM

Another one is Time magazine’s The Pity of War.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 1.35.25 AM

I did something like this when I went to Afghanistan three years ago. Check out Guide to Afghanistan: The Adventures of a KL-ite. And below is one of the many videos in the series:

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