I’m no expert in Islam but…

My column this week at The Malaysian Insider in response to the comments from last week.

I’m no expert in Islam but…
By Zan Azlee

JUNE 3 — Religion seems to be quite a hot topic whenever it is discussed. This is especially so when it comes to Islam. And even more so when it challenges conventional thought. I’ve learnt this over the course of writing my thoughts and opinions openly and frankly all this while and receiving the opinions and thoughts of the readers as well.

Sometimes the comments that I get are just okay and sometimes, they can be quite passionate. The latter is when I feel obligated to respond. My column last week received quite a range of comments that I felt warranted a proper response from me this week.

There were many that concurred with my thoughts, but no point responding to them. That would just be preaching to the converted. What I really want to do is to respond to those who disagreed with me. Everyone is definitely entitled to his or her opinion, but right now I have the pen in hand! [Read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

One response to “I’m no expert in Islam but…

  1. Religion is NOT about the truth.
    Religion is about unsubstantiated beliefs/claims, rituals, myths, irrationalities and even lies.
    Prophets claimed God spoke to them; but God has never acknowledged them.
    It is a ONE sided claim, enforced by power of death, ostracize & blasphemy laws!!!

    King Frederic said the world had seen 3 imposters namely Moses, Jesus and Mohammad.
    Well educated Muslims & bizmen in Middle East did not believe Mohammad flew on a Wing Horse, Buraq from Mecca to Jerusalem & to Heaven & met Moses Jesus St John etc
    Ali Sana said Mohammad is a liar, high way bandit, rapist, mass murderer and psychopath.
    In Israel 75% of people doubted Moses ever existed.

    Religion will not disappear.
    People enjoy the benefits of living as a group. If you want a wife, ask the pastor. If you want biz & solve some problems, ask your pastor who will connect you to someone
    Why did Islamist leaders went to invade, attack and conquer others?
    Islam conquered the Christian Byzantine Empire etc which laid the seeds of eternal enemies
    Islam is an Imperial Power just like the Roman Christian Empire.

    There must be Freedom of Religion & Freedom from Religion.
    No one should be FORCED into a religion from birth or with a gun on his head


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