Let us be blasphemous!

My column this week at The Malaysian Insider. Please don’t condemn me to hell my fellow Muslims!

Let us be blasphemous!
By Zan Azlee

MAY 27 — I am no longer a believer and will burn in hell for questioning Islam. And, by raising and seeking answers to issues that I am in doubt of, my children will even grow up to have sex with animals. These are some of the things I have been called and accused of by certain people in reaction to the documentary films and articles I’ve written that deal with my religion. Of course, I don’t take these comments to heart. But it does make me think about how receptive Malaysians, Muslims specifically, are when it comes to really learning about Islam. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

2 responses to “Let us be blasphemous!

  1. As salam zan,
    I’ve read your article and found it interesting. it is a good article eventhough the title is a bit blasphemous.from wat i’ve read is u r unlucky to ask to the person who dont fully understand the concept of Islam. either he is ignorant about it and he is just lazy to answer ur question, especially about fate.not all scholar of islam were equipped with the real knowledge of fate unless he is a Nabi or Rasul or awliyya.Rasullullah is person who is unable to read, he learned directly from Allah SWT with Jibril as the middleman. about fate, the question is not why allah punished people when he determined the fate of a man? instead from what i learned the question should be do we have what it takes to change our fate?? as mentioned by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jailani (leader of awliyya) “a strong man is a person who can change his fate”. during the time of prophet musa a.s, there is a spouse who has been married for a long time but they didnt have a child. so they went to prophet musa to ask him to pray to Allah so that they can have a child. so prophet musa went to tursina and talked to Allah SWT and Allah SWT mentioned that it was destined for the couple not to have child.a year passby when prophet musa was shocked to see that the couple had a baby!so prophet musa went to asked Allah swt why did the couple had a baby when they were destined not to have 1? so Allah SWT told prophet musa to go to a street. in that street there was a guy and prophet musa was told to ask that guy ” oo slave of Allah, Allah wants your flesh from u now..”. so prophet musa went to this guy told him what Allah SWT told prophet Musa. as soon as the guy heard what prophet musa said, he took a knife and cut a big portion of flesh from his arm and gave it to prophet Musa. then he said “oo Musa please come back again if Allah needs more”. so prophet Musa went back with the flesh and Allah swt told him it was that guy who pray for the couple. Wallahu a’lamu wa ilmuhu attimmu…


  2. Thank you for your write-up. It is so wonderful to find and see there are people like you who dared to write articles considered blaspmeous by many. I have been serching all my life for the truth, so much so I read many, many books and articles about various religions and what I found was that all religions are good, the Messangers of God had delivered to the peoples the same messages. The measure of the revelations of the Messangers of God (Prophets) in this world differ from time to time as we progress from infantsy to adulthood, in other words we have more intelligence and the capicity to think than our forfathers before us. Every true Prophet havd regarded His messages as fundementally the same as the Revelation of every other prophet gone before Him. The measure of the revelations must differ. Each and every one of them have been the bearer of a distinct message, for this reason they appered at different time. There can be no doube whatever race or religion of the peoples, we derive our insperation from one heavenly source and are the subject of one God. The fundemental purpose animating the Faith of God and His religion is to safe guard the interests and promote the unity of the human race and to foster the spirit of love and fellowship amongest men. However leaders of religions in every age have hindered their people from attaining the shores of eternal salvation, inas much as they held the reins of authority in their mighty grasp. Some for the lust of leadership and to deprive the people of knowledge and true understanding so as to enslave them. Many men and women are kept in the dark because superstitions and the fanatical religious haterd are constantly uttered by this so called religious leaders. I pray there are many like you out there who are not afraid to question and to find answers. Many people, disillusioned by the superstitiona and irrational arguments presented in the name of religion and disheartened by the fanaticism and intolarence they see among various groups, turn away from religion altogether. Materialism, followed by selfishness and greed, creeps into every section of diseased society. And it’s so damn tragic!!!

    Dee dee


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