I’ll be in Singapore screening some films and speaking… come catch me in the flesh!

I’ve been invited this year (again!) to screen some of my films and to speak at the World Islamic Economic Forum’s Marketplace of Creative Arts in Singapore, this 19th February 2011, at the Asian Civilisations Museum near the Esplanade Park. Click here to check out more information on the event. So all you fans of mine should come out in droves! Singaporeans… here’s your chance to see me in the flesh… my very sexy flesh!!

“The WIEF Young Leaders Network is coming up with another excellent showcase on creative arts. This time it will be just next door in Lion City – Singapore, organised in partnership with the Young Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) in Singapore. This will be the Marketplace’s first ever regional leg, focusing on up-and-coming artists in the Southeast Asian region namely Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and the Phil…ippines. Visual artists, great musicians, exotic dancers and thought-provoking filmmakers awaiting you in the city of lions. Excellent venue, near the Esplanade Park and by the Singapore river.

For those who are interested to attend, please be informed that this is a registered event i.e. only registered participants are allowed entry (no walk-ins on event day), and for licensing purposes we have limited the crowd to 300 participants for the day. We have to close registration if we reach 300. So, if you want to book your place, please register online by clicking here. First come, first served!”

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