What kind of Muslim am I?

Today, I talk religion in my Malaysian Insider column! Woooooo!

What kind of Muslim am I?
By Zan Azlee

FEB 18 — There are times when I get all poseur-ish and want to pretend like I’m cultured and intellectual. It doesn’t happen a lot. Just sometimes. These times will be when I go to the DVD shop and buy a whole stack of DVDs with padi plants all over the covers. If it isn’t DVDs, then I would head down to the nearest bookstore and buy a whole stack of books with gold or silver stars on the covers.

(Okay, the “padi” plants are symbols of the film festivals a film has been invited to while gold or silver stars on books normally denote a prestigious literary award.)

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3 responses to “What kind of Muslim am I?

  1. fuyoh, heavy question. i think it’s excellent to keep asking, keep discussing openly, I’m still on the first basic question – what religion do I belong to?


  2. to me.. there are no such thing as a particular titled Muslims.. it’s either u’re a Muslim or you are Not

    not like all other “Muslims” in Malaysia. i dont call myself a muslim.. tho i wish and would like to call myself a muslim. and tho i do embrace Islam.
    but because being Muslim meant that i am already perfect. and i know by heart that i am not. so i dont call myself ‘muslim’.

    i believe there are no such thing as ‘liberal muslim’ or ‘cultural muslim’.. it is like i said.. its either u’re a muslim or not.

    Rasulullah SAW.. never taught us to be liberal or cultural or traditionals.. he taught us about Islam and being a good Muslim.. and that is it. no liberal.. no cultural.. no shiite.. no sunni.. no shafie.. no maliki.. and so on..

    we proclaimed to be a sunni because.. well.. yes.. sunnah meant to follow what Muhammad SAW did. and what he did were perfections.. so we follow him to be perfect. to be a Muslim. i repeat.. TO BE a muslim.. hence. we are still not Muslim. oh! sorry.. at least i’m not.. u can think whatever u want for yourself.

    why do i think like that.. because i am liberal.. because i am not perfect.. because i am dirty.. and by calling myself a Muslim.. i soil the name of Islam. i dare not soil the name of Islam.

    i dont have the power to judge myself to be a muslim anyway.

    all i can say is that.. i embrace Islam. but of course, in front of Allah.. i am not worthy to be called a Muslim.. but if its just someone asking or a form need to be filled. i’ll just put myself as a muslim. as a general way saying that i am embracing Islam.

    in general case.. there are non-muslim and muslim.. but just like above.. a person titled as non-muslim, is just a general way of saying.. he is not embracing Islam.


    • If all religions were to investigate reality and seek the essential truth of their own foundations, they will agree and no diffrences can be found. But each and every religion are submerged in dogmatic imitations, forsaking the original foundations, and as imitations differ widely, therefore, religions become divergent and antoganistic. For all men/women who are blessed with intelect, should and must seek and investigate truth in all matters, especially in matters of faith.


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