Long live FAT BIDIN!

I’ve been so obsessed with work that I neglected something I started due to passion. Do you all still remember FATBIDIN.TV? The last video to go up on the site was an episode of WE THE PEOPLE… (the one about the Projek Angkat Rumah in July 2010). Ever since then, my life has been jam packed with television shows, writing work, consulting clients, lecturing, vacuuming carpets, toilet cleaning, grocery shopping, women hunting and god knows anything else that could pay the bills! Everything else was neglected. The second half of 2009 and first half of 2010 even saw FATBIDIN.TV having a sponsor/advertiser that allowed the site to be financially independent. But that came to a halt… and so did my momentum to work on the site. (A new sponsor would be great! Any takers? Call me! Muahaha!)

Come 2011… a new-found vigour fueled by a lack of creative fulfillment for so long has re-ignited my energy and passion. The wife is going to give me a baby and I’m excited! The little monster needs a father who is filled with passion and energy… not a father who comes home (Where do I come home from when I actually work from home?? Haha!) and just slouches on the couch to unwind from a tired, uninspiring and boring day running in the rat race?

So FATBIDIN.TV is back! A new episode of FAT BIDIN PRESENTS… The Life & Times of an Islamic Insurgency (Part 14 of 15) is posted on the site. Remember The Life & Times of an Islamic Insurgency? It’s the film I made about Southern Thailand which was banned by the Prime Minister’s Office two days before it was suppose to go on air on ntv7. One more episode to go and the whole film in its entirety will be out in the New Media. More projects will be coming from FAT BIDIN (me!!!) this year. Just you wait and see! Be prepared to be blown out of your minds!!


Part 14 of 15
It’s kind of difficult to be a journalist when you get threatened by everyone.

Short synopsis:
Zan Azlee, a Malay Muslim documentary filmmaker from Malaysia, travels to Pattani in Southern Thailand to see the violent Islamic insurgency there. He feels somewhat a kin to them since the locals are Thai-Malays and Muslim too. This film is banned from broadcast in Malaysia by the Prime Minister’s Office.

FAT BIDIN PRESENTS is a series which will host long form documentaries. Click here to see all the episodes.

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