Here’s my secret to staying young!

Getting on in the age department!

Multiple mid-life crises!
By Zan Azlee

7 DEC – It’s tough getting old and trying to handle all the changes in life. And I’m saying this when I’m only at the tender age of thirty two years old. When I first started working in my early twenties, I felt invincible and could face anything the world dished out at me.

I was determined to be successful in what I enjoyed doing — writing and making documentaries. But most importantly, I wanted to be a bachelor for life. The dream was slowly becoming a reality. I was able to make writing and making films a living. And most importantly, I wasn’t married!

Bam! It hit me and I got hitched at the age of thirty-one. I managed to convince myself that I am happy with the decision (I am! Really!). But not with some soul searching of course! Now, you have to read this more like: ‘But not without going through a mid-life crisis!’. [Click to read the rest of the article at The Malaysian Insider]

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