Wrapped on The Biggest Loser Asia… new article about BIG ASS CAMERAS at The Malaysian Insider!

I’m wrapped on The Biggest Loser Asia! Phew! Now for some real food after eating crap for 2 months!

I’ve written a new article for my column at The Malaysian Insider. Below is an excerpt.

My camera is bigger than yours!

JAN 4 — He picks up the Sony Z1 video camera and it fits nicely in one hand. He pretends to put in on his shoulders as if it’s a big shoulder mount camera, then laughs.

“This thing is a toy mate!” he says to me chuckling.

He is an experienced Australian director of photography I’ve recently had the opportunity to work with and a very cool guy indeed. Used to having big cameras on big budget shoots, he had to get the small handheld Z1 because it was a fast shoot in another country which we had to fly in and out of within 24 hours, and with a very small crew.

“This is the kind of camera that I normally use for my own productions,” I said, my feelings already hurt.

He chuckles again and starts exploring the camera dials and buttons.

“I’m sure it produces pretty good images,” he smiles (I took it as a smirk!).

[Click to read the rest of the article]

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