Shooting tapeless… my column for The Malaysian Insider this week

Okay… since working on The Biggest Loser Asia… I’ve decided to explore tapeless video recording for my future projects. Hence, the topic for my latest article in The Malaysian Insider.

Shooting videos in tapeless format

DEC 22 — When making documentaries and various videos, I like to believe that I’m always keeping abreast with the latest technology. I started in a time when digital video (DV) was hot on everyone’s lips. It was amazing how cheap camcorders can record amazing quality on RM10 one-hour tapes. It totally democratised media and also the way people made videos. [Click to read the rest of the article]

By the way… The Biggest Loser Asia wraps today!! Damn… it’s like waking up to the same day for the last 2 months in A’Farmosa! Talk about Groundhogs Day! Can’t wait to fly out to Saigon for some Vietnamese beef noodles this weekend with the wifey!

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