Back full steam!

I have not forgotten the ‘I May Be Malaysian, But I Carry A Big Stick’ film project. It’s just that my recent work schedule made it difficult for me to focus on it fully. Now that my ‘Impian Illyana’ shoot is over, I’m back full steam! So watch out for more updates.

It seems that the topic is getting quite a fair bit of attention. Al-Jazeera International’s 101 East focused on the Jeff Ooi and Rocky case in one of it’s episodes (first broadcast on Thursday, 3rd May, 10:30pm – ASTRO20). If you missed it, you can still catch it on these dates:

– May 4 (Friday) at 1.30 pm
– May 5 (Saturday) at 3.30 pm and 9.30 pm
– May 6 (Sunday) at 4.30 pm
– May 7 (Monday) at 10.30 am
– May 8 (Tuesday) at 11.00 am
– May 9 (Wednesday) at 9.30 am and 3.00 pm
– May 10 (Thursday) at 8.30 am


7 responses to “Back full steam!

  1. Zan…
    U pernah masuk MCC kuantan tak?
    If u r the zan azlee i was talking about with my friend two weeks ago… Finally, i found you.


    I know
    This comment is not related to the entry. Sorry.


  2. Hey Jelly’o… yes it’s me the Zan Azlee from MCC. They used to call me Zan Kancil! And who are you?

    Dear Mary (Princess Ren??)… I was a shy boy? What the hell are you talking about? Hahaha!


  3. I wasn’t there (MCC) for long sebab after two mths there i moved to MYPM Bangi. U might not recognized me back then tapi kita satu batch.

    How long u were there? Did u finish the course?
    Am all excited now and it’s true what Ren said… the shy boy turned out to be… what? I can’t describe!;)

    Well, good luck zan!

    Eh… why Zan Kancil la?


  4. Can’t you tell me your name? Ha eneh!! Yeah… I finished the course, of course! Haha!

    Anyway… you two are the first people to ever describe me as shy. Most people say I’m irritating and annoying! Hahaha!


  5. Friends @ MCC call me Dee. Hey, even if i tell u my full name pun I dun think u wud know me sebab i was there for merely two mths. I recognize u because of your long hair and look really bashful back then.

    Well, people change. Dulu shy and now irritating… ok la tu. Hehehe…


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