Pak Uda and I

You guys want to know what I’ve been busy with this month? I’ve been directing a week’s worth of episodes of the popular teen sitcom ‘Impian Illyana‘ (now going into it’s 3rd season… which should be on air sometime in June or July), produced by Red Comm. We’ve been shooting practically every day and I’m beginning to feel very tired. Oh well, just a few more weeks to go.

Actually, the shoot has been pretty pleasant. One of the highlights has got to be when Zami Ismail made a cameo appearance. It was a pleasure and honour directing this veteran comedian famous for his role as ‘Pak Uda’ in the 1980s sitcom ‘Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu‘.

I remember the days when I was in primary school. I was a big fan of ‘Knight Rider‘. My dad wasn’t. He was a big fan of ‘Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu’. I wanted to watch ‘Knight Rider’. My dad didn’t. He had control of the television. I didn’t. I would cry. He would lock me in my room. Damn ‘Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu’!


13 responses to “Pak Uda and I

  1. Don’t diss Knight Rider, that show is the beginning of the David Hasselhoff legend! (of course, frankly, Hasselhoff was never that cool until he did Baywatch) The only reason why we are all aware now is because Hasslehoff chose not to kill us.


  2. Hey Et! Of course we can hang out! But you’ll have to wait in line. After dancing with Billy Elliot, I need to help Bono feed some starving Africans. Then I need to attend a shopping mall appearance with Ivan Cooper. After that, a facial and body massage with Pierce Brosnan. Then, if I’m not too tired, I’ll hang with you. Deal?


  3. aiseh! knight rider arr geng? we might be in the same kapal lah… remember misfits of science(!), streethawk, manimal, automan, starman…etc. man! i would love to ‘carigali semula’ those!


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