Let’s Talk – Who is shaping the conversation?

(Click above to watch… or here!)

Sharaad called me up and asked if I would come on his show (Let’s Talk with Sharaad Kuttan) on Astro AWANI to talk about the Malaysian and also international media landscape. I said ‘YES!’ of course! And our other sparring partner was University of Nottingham’s Associate Professor V. Gayathry. It was a reunion of sorts because all three of us were working as journalists at The Sun at the same time around the period of 1999 and 2001! And we started making fun of each others’ hair colour and lack of! Haha! Yes… we’re old foggies!

We talked up a whole load of whatever, such as:

  • Media diversity
  • Protecting journalists
  • Fake news
  • Instagram journalism

Go click here to watch it!

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