WE ARE ANIMALS film screening and photo exhibition at the Cooler Lumpur Festival

I am very happy to say that my latest documentary film WE ARE ANIMALS will be screening at the 2018 Cooler Lumpur Festival this Friday! It’s free and there will be a Q&A session with me at the end of it. Please come! Here are the details:

We Are Animals (2018, 50 minutes)
Synopsis: Journalist and documentary filmmaker, Zan Azlee, spends several weeks in Kutupalong, Bangladesh. It is the world’s largest refugee camp, housing close to a million displaced Rohingya. Through his gonzo style of filming, he catches a glimpse of life in the camp through the residents, assists a group of medical volunteers from Mercy Malaysia there, and even heads to the border and witnesses a group of several hundred Rohingya pleading for refuge who have just crossed the border from Myanmar.
Date and Time: 5th October 2018 (Friday), 6pm – 7:30pm
Place: Black Box MAP, Publika
Admission: Free!

Here’s the trailer:

And not only that… I will also be presenting my first ever photo exhibition at the festival! It will be a collection of photos from the Kutupalong refugee camp when I was shooting the documentary. This will be at the White Box MAP, Publika, from 10am – 10pm, 4th to 7th October 2018.

Ohh and that’s not all! I will also be moderating a forum on the same day (5th October 2018, 4:30pm – 5:30pm) titled VISUAL JOURNALISM: PICTURES PAINT A THOUSAND WORDS. Acclaimed photojournalists, Carlo Gabuco (Philippines), Ahmad Yusni (Malaysia) and Nana Safiana (Malaysia) will be on the panel.

Visual Journalism: Pictures paint a thousand words
Information has existed since the beginning of time – from chiselling stone tablets to swiping on paper thin ones – and has evolved tremendously into various forms to keep up with the changing habits of consumers. How do we tell important stories in the age of Instagram? Have social media platforms given photojournalists a second shot at life – many of whom were once dropped by publishers in favour of generic stock photos? As the lines begin to blur between the different visual formats, content producers are kept on their toes to cater to ever decreasing attention spans and a demanding thirst for concise stories.
Date and Time: 5th October 2018 (Friday), 6pm – 7:30pm
Place: Black Box MAP, Publika

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fim book

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