My latest book ‘Liberal, Malay and Malaysian’ is launching this Sunday!!

Ahh… this weekend is like booms for me! Like really booms! Apart from the premiere of my latest documentary ‘The Road to Radicalisation‘ this Friday at the Cooler Lumpur Festival, I am officially launching my latest book ‘Liberal, Malay and Malaysian: Writings of a walking contradiction‘ at Art For Grabs, which is happening in conjunction of Cooler Lumpur Festival as well! It’s open for all and I will read and discuss a passage from my book right before Jahabar Sadiq, the founder and editor of The Malaysian Insight, says a few words to launch it!

And yes, Fat Bidin Media will have a booth at Art For Grabs throughout the weekend as usual. So you can come and hang out with me and maybe buy a book or two (or three, or four, or five!) and get me to sign it for you!

The Launch of Liberal, Malay and Malaysian

Time: 12pm
Date: Sunday, 2oth August 2017
Venue: Art For Grabs, Publika

Join us for Zan Azlee’s launch of his latest book, Liberal, Malay & Malaysian: Writings of a Walking Contradiction. Jahabar Sadiq, the former founder and editor of The Malaysian Insider and current founder and editor of The Malaysian Insight, will say a few words to launch the book. Zan Azlee himself will do a reading and a Q&A. 

About the book:
In Liberal, Malay and Malaysian Zan passionately argues for a Malaysian and a Malay identity which moves beyond identity politics, fatwas, censorship and moral policing and which allows individuals to be who they want to be. Covering themes of politics, race, religion and protest, Zan records a nation in turmoil, caught between activism and apathy and counters this with an honest and open assessment of Malaysian life.

About the author:

Zan Azlee is a journalist, writer and documentary filmmaker. In the past decade, he has been detained by the Lebanese army while attempting to cross the border into Syria, cowered under the bed of his hotel when he heard gunshots in Afghanistan, saved by protestors from concrete blocks thrown by police in Egypt, teargassed by riot forces in Turkey and rescued by the police when he had leg cramps during a BERSIH demonstration in Kuala Lumpur.
He has authored seven books and made several documentaries that have been screened at various international and local film festivals and won awards at the Festival Filem Malaysia, Anugerah Seri Angkasa and Malaysian Video Awards.
Other than all that, he also has two beautiful daughters, Athena Azlee and Alethea Azlee, who are the real authoritarian dictators of his life, and he runs a specialty media company called Fat Bidin Media and you can follow his exploits at FATBIDIN.COM.



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