Just Chit Chat Lah (Ep 4) – Skateboarding vs Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Just Chit Chat Lah
Ep 4 – Skateboarding vs Tokyo 2020 Olympics

I speak to 3 influential Malaysian skateboarders, Mariss Khan, Ian Johan Ariff and Muhammad Haziq Ilham, about skateboarding being in the Olympics. It gets heated and political!

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I also wrote a feature article about the other new sports that will be in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics such as surfing, karate and rugby for My Malaysia!



Vision 2020 and beyond
By Zan Azlee

The 2016 Rio Olympics brought Malaysians together as we rooted for our athletes. With it being our best showing ever, we wonder what lies ahead for Malaysia in the Olympics, particularly with the inclusion of new events like skateboarding, surfing and rugby.

The 2016 Rio Olympics ended in August and Malaysians were so caught up in the hype of it all seeing that we are still looking for that elusive first gold medal. We didn’t win the gold, but the heroic effort our Olympians displayed did the nation proud.

We did win our first gold in the 2016 Rio Paralympics (three in fact!), which left the nation euphoric. Congratulations to Ridzuan Puzi, Muhammad Ziyad Zulkefli, Abdul Latif Romly and all our athletes who represented the country so valiantly.

Moving on, the next Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan, in the year 2020. The International Olympic Council has already announced several new sports that will make their debut – some of these sports already have a niche but loyal following in Malaysia. Is it time to start putting serious thoughts about grooming future athletes in these new Olympic sports? We speak to several members of the sporting community to find out what they think.

[Click to read the full article at My Malaysia]


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