#AtTheEdge rally for media freedom (8th August 2015)

Due to the gigantic scandalous boo-boo that is 1MDB, the Malaysian government has been cracking down on anyone and everyone who dares to voice out and investigate it. The Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was dropped from his post. Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers being transferred and interrogated. And The Edge publications being suspended.

And so journalists have grown tired of it. Hence, the #AtTheEdge media freedom raly took place today, 8th August 2015, in Kuala Lumpur. Members of te media and NGO representatives marched from Central Market to Dataran Medan Pasar. to show voice their anger and protest at the government for trying to curb freedom of the media.

Below are pictures I took. Enjoy them for now and be patient. I am editing the video I shot for The Fat Bidin Vlog, which will be up soon! I’ll be damn if I’m going to let freedom of speech be sacrificed in Malaysia.


Participants, journalists and lawyers gathered in front of Central Market early in the morning before the rally at 11am.


Lau Chak Onn, editor-in-chief of Cilisos.my and a member of the rally’s organising committee, looking dead serious at the start of the event.


Fathi Aris Omar (holding the hailer), journalist and a member of the organising committee (GERAMM), leading the march.


Journalism definitely is not a crime!


Marching on for freedom of speech.


Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, Umno member and CEO of the Global Movement of Moderates, speaking to the crowd.


Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, lawyer and activist, rallying the crowd to fight for their rights.


Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad, PAS member and founding member of the NGO Gerakan Harapan Baru (GHB), addressing the crowd.


The media will not be intimidated and silenced!

Here is a picture of me doing my thing at the rally. (Pic by Nazrul Tahir)

Here is a picture of me doing my thing at the rally. (Pic by Nazrul Tahir)

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