It’s even a mistake to do TV-style news online… as the Wall Street Journal has learned

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 12.12.24 PM

Ha!! More to prove my point that the ways of traditional television is dying! DYING! The Wall Street Journal’s online live TV-style broadcasting has been killed! And now they just want to go on-demand. They have changed their ‘WSJ Live’ to ‘WSJ Video’.

Andy Regal, the executive editor of video at WSJ has this to say:

““People come to the Wall Street Journal when they have time, or need a break or when there’s a big event,” he said. “If we continue to try to drive people to appointment television, it’s just not a workable business model. That’s been proven by most who have tried it.”

It looks like the old ways of appointment and habit viewing can no longer be applied in this day and age. It was obvious from the get go but no huge organisation wanted to listen. They were too set in their ways and thinking that they are the best and almighty.

But it’s good that they’re all realising it now. Better late than never. So it goes that The Washington Post has also scrapped their live PostTV, and so has The Times. Now when will Malaysian TV news start realising the shift in ways?

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