Casey Neistat launches BEME with full hype (the bastard!)


The wonder man YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat has launched his hyped up app called BEME. And I tried to download it but the arrogant bastard puts you on a waiting list! And I’m due to get my app in 97 days! But I guess he has a right to be arrogant. He’s a YouTube celebrity!

Most people who are into YouTube would know Casey Neistat. He blew up in the scene when he posted a video about how dangerous it is to ride a bicycle in New York City. Now, he posts a vlog everyday, and has been doing it for the past 100+ days.

His vlogs contain nothing interesting but somehow is absolutely interesting! And I can’t stop watching it. That bastard!

He’s been talking about his ‘new company’ in almost every episode of his hid daily vlog but keeps on saying that it isn’t ready enough to be announced publicly… until the first day of Hari Raya!

The bastard knows how to hype things up!

Beme is a video sharing app which, according to Nesitat, won’t let you miss an experience just because you want to share it on social media. It utilises the sensor on top of the iPhone so you can record and share videos automatically just by putting the phone on your chest. Pretty cool lah.

Hey you know what? This could be a good tool for some kind of instant or live journalism! Huh!

You can read more about Beme here and here.

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