After Malaysiakini, now The New York Times is experimenting with Whatsapp



Wow! It looks like The New York Times is following Malaysiakini’s lead by using Whatsapp to deliver the latest news!

If you all remember, I had written how Malaysiakini has started experimenting using the popular messaging system Whatsapp to send breaking news and alerts to their subscribers. This was in May, about two months ago.

And now, The New York Times has decided to experiment with it too. They are covering Pope Francis’ Latin America trip in July currently and are updating their readers via Whatsapp.

You can try it out by following these steps:

1. Download WhatsApp on your phone.

2. Save this number, 347-346-3429, in your phone’s contacts (I’m guessing we have to add +1 at the start since we’re in Malaysia).

3. Text “POPE” to that number via your WhatsApp account.

More and more ways to disseminate news and information. Exciting times! Go over and read what The New York Times have to say.

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