We now know where Buzzfeed sources its content!


Buzzfeed is all the buzz because of the gazillion stories that they push out out social media that go viral. Even more established news sites have been trying out the click bait stories. And new websites that are trying the emulate the Buzzfeed content have been sprouting like mushrooms.

I have always wondered where, or more specifically how, Buzzfeed sourced all of the ‘news’ items that they highlight. And the answer is now revealed!

The website Priceonomics.com conducted some research and found out that Tumblr is the main source for Buzzfeed’s news content, followed by Instagram, Getty and YouTube. So I guess that’s what the whole Buzzfeed team does on a daily basis… scour Tumblr!

Head on to Priceonomics.com to read about the data in more detail.

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