BBC’s 5 ways of addressing the importance of social media and mobile


Social media and mobile Internet can not be neglected or put on the back burner by any news organisation. And the BBC is one of the last who would want to do this.

The Beeb’s Chris Hamilton recently told about five initiatives they have done to address the importance of social media and mobile.

1. BBC Shorts – 15-seconds videos that are meant to be shared on Instagram.

2. Go Figure – Simple image/graphics that tell a story, also meant to be shared.

3. BBC Trending – Not just reporting what is trending, but understanding why it is trending, etc (Astro AWANI has been doing this for several years now with their Kini Trending).

4. BBC Pop Up – A mobile news bureau that travels around crowdsourcing stories from locals.

5. @BBCElectionBot – Used during the recent UK General Elections. It’s shut down now but will be made available again when there is another election.

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