The ETP’s Industry Speaks – Cashing in on Films in Malaysia: Investment and Opportunities


From left: Moderator Zan Azlee (Senior Editor at Astro AWANI and owner of FATBIDIN.COM), Bill Donovan (Exec. Producer at Biscuit Films Sdn Bhd), Datuk Kamil Othman (Director-General of FINAS) and Michael Lake (Group Managing Director of Rhizophora Ventures Sdn Bhd).

I had the opportunity to moderate a session of The Economic Transformation Programme’s Industry Speaks on the topic ‘Cashing in on Films in Malaysia: Investment and Opportunities. Among the issues discussed were funding opportunities for filmmakers, the Film in Malaysia Incentive (FIMI), knowledge exchange, the value of the film industry and so much more. You can read about it at ‘Bright lights ahead for Malaysia’s film industry‘ and also view a brief video of the session below.



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