How important is Anwar?



How important is Anwar?
By Zan Azlee

Almost everyone I spoke to, before and after Anwar Ibrahim’s rejected appeal against his sodomy case last Monday, has told me that they weren’t bothered if he was found guilty or not.

Most of them said that all politicians are the same no matter what party or side they come from – all they do is just say things and do things to keep themselves popular and relevant.

In fact, I have the same thoughts too when it comes to politics. And a political party’s success should not be determined by an individual and a good succession plan should always be in place.

However, we fail to realise that Anwar has been the only individual that has been able to form a strong opposition coalition in this country, which is important for a balanced democracy.

Under the leadership of Anwar, even the liberal DAP and the religious PAS can put aside their differences and come together in unity in parliament and state assemblies.

We also need to realise that the conviction (or convictions) against Anwar seems to reek of political motivation. Who has ever been convicted for sodomy in this country before?

And if it is true that the case (cases) is politically motivated, then it tells of a very smelly and negative side of the country’s judiciary and it’s influences of which we all should be concerned.

So as much as it is sensationalised and old news at the same time, Anwar being convicted and sent to jail for the third time is a very significant and prominent issue for Malaysia indeed.

However, it’s significance may not be a totally negative one. [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]

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