7 financial management tips for freelancers and the self-employed



7 financial management tips for freelancers and the self-employed
By Zan Azlee

Being a freelancer and self-employed for more than a decade before this, I often get asked for advice on how to start out by those who want to go down the same route.

The questions that I get asked are usually linked to how to get clients, the different rates that are available in the market and also about marketing and self-promotion.

One of the rarest questions that I get asked, yet is one of the most important in order to sustain a freelance career is financial management for the self-employed!

There have been several times where friends who are freelancers come to me after a year or two saying that they are struggling financially or find it difficult to buy property.

And the unfortunate thing about this is that they always think that this struggle with finances is part and parcel of being a freelancer or self-employed when it really shouldn’t be.

So I have come up with a basic do’s list for those who are starting out. I am in the content industry but this list can really apply to any industry. [Click to read the full article at KopitiamEkonomi.Com]

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