Threatening and scaring people into submission is unIslamic



Threatening and scaring people into submission is unIslamic
By Zan Azlee

“You should always be good and obey God,” said the ustaz.

“Because if you don’t, you will be committing sins, and for that, you will burn in the unimaginable heat of Hell!”

I used to hear that all the time as a small child between the ages of eight right up to my teens, attending Islamic religious classes. And I definitely have a problem with that.

First of all, little children who are being taught Islam in school or by their parents need to be taught about the beauty of the religion and how wonderful and happy it is to have faith.

They should not be threatened with sin and hell fire punishment for every little insignificant mischievous and naughty little thing that they do. It does not make them better Muslims.

Instead, there should be positive reinforcement.

“You should always do good because then people will like you just like how you like people who are good to you,” is what I would say.

“Then we can all be happy instead of being angry with each other.”

‘Pujuk’ is a Malay word and is officially translated to English as ‘persuade, coaxing or flattery’. And it all actually brings positive connotations rather than negative.

And any sane person would know that if you wanted a child to do something, you don’t force him or her, you try to ‘pujuk’ them nicely by talking sweetly or even rewarding them.

So it doesn’t take much to understand, as adults, that if Muslims want the world to see how beautiful their religion is, shouldn’t they show it’s beauty? [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]

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