Pakchic Says: No Sane Adult Would Suffer through a Kindergarten Concert!



Pakchic Says: No Sane Adult Would Suffer through a Kindergarten Concert!

By Zan Azlee

Honestly, how any sane adult can actually sit down through an entire kindergarten concert and sincerely enjoy it really beats me.

It can be a very painful struggle to watch the little, short, mini human beings jumping up and down and trying to sing on the stage.

Ninety per cent of the kids are uncoordinated, forget their routine or the words to the songs, and many even just stand still and cry.

And last week was my little three-year-old Athena’s annual kindergarten concert and my wife and I, apparently, were obligated to attend.

So we dragged ourselves out of bed early in the morning, shivered under the shower and drove sleepily to the venue. Athena, of course, was weirdly excited.

We dropped Athena off at her teacher along with her costumes and we went into the hall and sat at our seats, waiting for the show to begin (the faster it starts, the faster it ends!).

The show was supposes to start at 10am, but a teacher sauntered up on stage, took the microphone and started apologising. Oh no!

“I’m sorry for the slight wait. We’re still trying to dress some of the children,” she said sheepishly.

And so we waited some more. I was getting hungry since we hadn’t eaten breakfast. I wanted to stop for nasi lemak on the way but my wife wouldn’t let me.

Half an hour later, the music started and we all told to look at the back of the hall. There were the kids all decked out in traditional costumes ready to waddle out (the theme was ‘Malaysia’). [Click to read the full article at MakChic.Com]

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