I never took the UPSR and I turned out just fine



I never took the UPSR and I turned out just fine
By Zan Azlee

When I was growing up, there was never any stress put on me to perform well in my exams by my parents, or anyone else for that matter.

Education and the process of learning were important and that was always instilled and drilled into my brothers and me, but exam results were never a priority.

I remember my parents going to my school on report card day and my father asking the teacher, “forget about the lessons, how does he interact with his classmates and teachers?”

Of course, they always congratulated me when I achieved good results, but they never dwelled on it if I ever didn’t do as well. And this was in primary school.
Then, in secondary school, when two major exams, the PMR and SPM, were happening, my father even made us go out and watch movies or go bowling as the exams got nearer.

The lesson my father wanted to teach my brothers and me is that exams are not important because all it does is test you for what you remember (as far as Malaysian exams go).

What is important is the fact that we actually go through the learning process sincerely and enjoy the experience and that we feel enriched because of it.

When you learn and study just because you want to get good exam results, then you have gone astray somewhere along the way.

Today, it makes me sad to see how even at the lowest level of all national examinations, the UPSR, can experience a leak and now pupils have to resit several papers. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]




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