The Fat Bidin Podcast (Ep 1) – Churnalism

So, my brother Aizyl Azlee and are planning to start a weekly podcast where we talk about really really serious issues. I mean REALLY SERIOUS issues! Here’s our debut episode where we talk about churnalism… something that has become somewhat of a trend amongst online news organsations. They quote/refer to stories from other news organisations just so they have that story on their platform as well.

Say for example, Malaysiakini has a story about the abdication of Prince Charles which they obtained through actual interviews with sources. Then Free Malaysia Today writes the same story quoting or referring to the story on Malaysiakini, without ever conducting any interviews of it’s own… and so on and so forth. It isn’t wrong because credit and attribution is all there. But why do it? Is it so they have the story as well? Is it about the number of hits and unique visitors?

So listen to our podcast! Our debut episode came out terrible! We speak like idiots… technical screw ups (ignore the buzzing in the beginning… it stops after about a minute!)… syok sendiri… you just name it and we screwed it up!! But still… listen to our podcast! Things will get better… we think!

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