In times of controversy, we focus on what’s important


In times of controversy, we focus on what’s important
By Zan Azlee

What better time than right now, with all the controversy going around the entire social and traditional media world about vegetable prices, for me to talk about one of my favourite topics?

That’s right, folks! After months of not writing about this subject matter, I am now going to touch on it once again. The topic is none other than the most important thing in my life – my daughter.

I like to believe that I am a world traveller. I love traveling to places around the world like I love my two thumbs.  At the age of 35, I have been to a total of 32 countries. And I ain’t stopping!

I honestly believe that by seeing different countries, different societies, different cultures and different people, one will become a more wholesome human being.

With all the different experiences that traveling can offer, one will be more open-minded, more accepting, more understanding, more empathic and more cultured.

So, when my daughter, Athena Azlee, was born, I promised her (and myself) that I would show her the world. And I’ve been trying very hard to keep that promise to her and not break it.

She is now two and a half years old (she will be turning three this year) and she has been to a total of five countries. And I’m going to make sure she ain’t stopping! [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]


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