The Search for Siti Aishah – Part 2


The search for Siti Aishah – Part 2
By Zan Azlee

When we arrived in London at Heathrow Airport, I left for the arrival hall a few steps before Mak Mok (Kamarmahtum Abdul Wahab), Hishammuddin Rais and the British reporter. What I saw was something I had only heard of all this while of its notoriety – the British Paparazzi. They were out in full force.

They flocked around Mak Mok with all cameras blazing. Flashes were blinding my eyes and television reporters where poking their microphones in the face of my Mak Mok. I, of course, by then had my camera out and shooting the whole thing as well. I was after all a journalist pursuing a story as well.

But Mak Mok had been briefed well by the reporter. She kept tight-lipped and just looked down at the floor as he escorted her and Hishammuddin Rais towards the exit. But the paparazzi weren’t having any of that. They continued to hound her and in the end, Hishammuddin Rais had to stop and make a statement.

“We have no immediate plans yet. Today is just a day of rest for us after a 12 hour flight,” he said.

They were then whisked away in a Mercedes Benz limousine. The paparazzi, keeping true to their notorious automobile-accident-conducive ways, ran along side the car as much as they could with cameras snapping away. I never had a chance to even speak to my aunty during the entire episode. [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]


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