Flooding and Umno rhetoric… the same every year


Flooding and Umno rhetoric… the same every year
By Zan Azlee

If this week of mine were to be made into a short film, it would probably be broken up into two main juxtaposing scenes that can be put together.

And it also got me thinking. These two scenes seem to be a constant in Malaysia every single year for almost as long as I can remember.

Scene 1

Interior – air-conditioned trade centre building
Kuala Lumpur

The first half of the week involved me being in the Putra World Trade Centre attending the Umno general assembly (as a member of the press and not Umno!). Of course, all the VIPs would be arriving in their luxury cars with their entourages. And when they have their meals, these will be first-class banquet all the way.

Scene 2

Exterior – rubber estate
Kampung Batu 5 Buluh Kasap, Segamat, Johor

The second half of the week sees me travelling to a kampung in Segamat, Johor, which happens to be one of the last kampung to evacuate because of this year’s incredible floods. After holding out for as long as they could, the villagers gave in to the tremendous power of the flood and were forced to move to an evacuation centre.

[Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]


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